Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad - Khalifatul Masih V(aba)

The Islamic Dilemma: Should We Fear the Religion of Peace?

Radiclisation and Immigration – What is the stance of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community?

Navigating Life in the 21st Century: Spirituality, Morality & Material Progress

What is the link between these aspects and how can we use them to our benefit in our lives?

The Golden Principles for World Peace

The Caliph of the most dynamic and educated Muslim Community in the world addresses Government Ministers, Ambassadors and Dignitaries from around the world about how international radicalisation can be effectively tackled.

The Difference Between True Islam and Extremist Groups

How do we diffuse the threat of ISIS and other extremist groups? A deconstruction of the current situation originating in Iraq and Syria, but which now affects the entire world.

Mosque of Mary

The Mosque of Mary opens in Galway, Ireland.

The Need for Religion

Religion means the path one adopts in life. Even people who deny God’s existence adhere to certain beliefs and doctrines, which in essence
is their religion. Which path is
the right one to choose from?

Islam – A Threat or a Source of Peace

Khilafat (or Caliphate) is a word that instils great fear amongst many non-Muslims. Are these fears justified? Or is there a Caliphate that exists today that spreads peace, love and harmony in all directions?

A Message to the Arab World

In his first ever message in Arabic,
His Holiness delivers a rallying call.

Worship Requires Service to Humanity

The first purpose-built mosque in the southern England county of Kent opens.

World Peace – The Critical Need of the Time

With deepening divisions between countries, is a world war looming?